Student Athlete Advisory Council


Student Athlete Advisory Council is made up of two representatives from each sport team. The council will meet once a month to discuss topics that will enhance the student-athlete experience. Topics of discussion include NJCAA Legislation, community service opportunities, fundraising opportunities, possible sponsorship, and events for Laramie County Community College students. The Student Athlete Advisory Council will be the voice of the student-athlete from a department level to an institutional level.

Activities for the spring included setting up a display for the high school orientation to promote recreation, intramurals and athletics, assisted with the decorations and set up of the student athlete end of the year banquet and participated in the Friday Food Bag through the local Kiwanis chapter. 

Goals for the future included increased community service, fundraising, presence on student government, organization of an engaging student fan club for home athletic events and a competitive institution and community participation program between all the sports. 

President: Sarah Erickson - Women's Soccer

Vice President: Katelyn Smith - Women's Basketball

Secretary/Treasurer: Preston Lienemann - Volleyball

Faculty Representative: Jodi Weppner 


Other Members:

Abby Morillon - Women's Soccer

Darian Hale - Women's Basketball

Lindsey Vanderwood - Volleyball

Harrison Meads - Men's Basketball

Landon Taliaferro - Men's Basketball

Jorge Rangel - Men's Soccer

Francisco Garcia - Men's Soccer

Gage Greer - Rodeo

Bailey Brown - Rodeo

For more information please visit: SAAC